How To Dress Corporate To Work

How To Dress Corporate To Work

Gone were the days you had to wear a suit just because you are going to work.
Now you can dress fashionably to the office, all you need are the right combo.

Here I will be showing you how to pair Floral shoes and also the right accessories to make you look Peng.

Corporate Dress for Work

A floral shoe can be worn to the workplace while still looking professional and fashionably on point. My own wardrobe is made of mostly neutrals, such as black, grey, navy, and white so I find it much easier to pair a floral item that encompasses one of those colors in its print.  By matching a color in the shoe with an item in the rest of my outfit, the entire outfit comes together and looks cohesive. But of course, choose a floral print that suits your fancy.

Secondly, to get that perfect corporate look, button up your shirt and use a Collar Pin, this takes your outfit to a whole 100.

Pantsuits are not the only way to wear pants to work. Pants paired with a neutral shirt and a nice sweater make a classy look that works in and out of the office. You can even throw in some colors to give the style even more flare.


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